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FLAT - PANEL LAMINATION, VFL 1400 -CL - Compact PUR Flat Lamınatıon Lıne

VFL 1400-CL

Compact PUR Flat Lamınatıon Lıne
VFL 1400 CL
VFL 1400 CL Çizim
VFL 1400 CL Detay 5
VFL 1400 CL Detay 2
VFL 1400 CL Detay 1
VFL 1400 CL Detay 4
VFL 1400 CL Detay 3

Compact Flat Laminasyon line for PVC, PP, Paper, laminate and roll foils with Hot Glue Application.


  • Driven conveyor with movable steel pipes covering pvc
  • 1 lower 3 top brushes and 2 edge milling brushes with perfect cleaning
  • The wet brush machine for cleaning of feathers and dusts which located on the cleaned surface.
  • Infrared 40-45 degrees heater conveyor
  • Glue applicator machine with compact roller and grammage control system
  • Automatic cutting machine partition of panels with 2 servo motors and 0 + -0.02 precision (flying blade)
  • Fast conveyor for carrying panels.